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Welcome to our Pet of the Week.

We hope that you enjoy these wonderful pets just as much as we do!

If you think that your pet should be featured here or on our Facebook Page,  let us know!    918-492-2674

Pet of the Week for August 31, 2015

This is Wallie

Favorite Things: She enjoys playing catch the feather, sitting in the window and talking to everyone.

If she had a career: She would be a professional bird catcher!

Special Things: Everyone loves her funny facial expressions. She is such a silly lady!!

Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital pet of the week - meet LeoPet of the Week for August 20, 2015

This cutie is Leo

Favorite Things: He enjoys eating salmon treats after he potties outside, snuggling with mommy before work and playing tug of war.

If she had a career: He would be a professional stick tester!

Special Things: Leo was named Leonidas I, the Greek king of Sparta. His full name is Leonidas Baby Angel I. His most endearing habit is getting super excited and nibbling on people's ears when kissing them. His family loves how excited he is to greet them home at the end of the day. He is a sweet little cuddler!!

Pet of the Week for June 8th, 2015

Meet Gretel

Favorite ThingsGretel is so very sweet and she enjoys eating food of any kind, running in circles and showing gratitude to her mom for her meals.

If she had a career:  She would be a policewoman

Special Things:  Gretel was named after the story Hansel and Gretel,  Her family loves the way she loves them - without question or condition.  We all lover her so much!

Ellie Mae Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital Pet of the weekPet of the Week for April 20, 2015

This is Elly May

Favorite Things: She enjoys eating chews, pawing at you and playing hide and seek.

If she had a career: If Elly could choose her own career, she would choose to continue being man's best friend!

Special Things:  She truly loves anyone and everyone!  She was named after Donna Douglas.  Everyday, Elly may enjoys talking to all who will listen.  Her mom smiles because of how she refuses to eat without mom's undivided attention.  She is such a sweet old girl!!

Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital Pet of the week - MarleyPet of the Week for April 13, 2015

This sweet little guy is Marley

Favorite Things: He enjoys eating bacon strips, standing and squealing while mom makes his food, sleeping and snoring.

If she had a career: If Marley had a career, he would be a food taster!  He loves food almost as much as he loves to sleep.

Special Things:  He was named after Bob Marley.  His family especially loves the way he sits with his legs to the side instead of under his bottom.  Everyday, you would find this little guy waiting at home for his mom to get off work so he can have his bacon.  He loves Bacon!!!

Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital Pet of the Week - ConqueenPet of the Week for April 7, 2015

Meet Conqueen

Favorite Things: Miss Conqueen enjoys eating anything that isn't a vegetable, giving everyone kisses and crawling under the covers to sleep and pant.

If she had a career: If she had a career, she would be a cake maker since she loves sweets.

Special Things: She was named after a classmate of her mom's.  Her favorite game is "Queen of the Hill".  She loves to get up as high as she can, especially on the back of the couch.  Her family is in love with her silliness and her dainty way of crossing her paws.

Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital Pet of the week - FrecklesPet of the Week for March 9, 2015

This very handsome boy is Freckles

Favorite Things: Freckles enjoys eating chicken strips, controlling his brothers and sisters, biting the water as it sprays out of the water hose, and following dad wherever he goes.

If she had a career: If he had a career, he would be a policeman.  He always tries to keep the peace in his family.

Special things: Freckles name came from all of the freckles that he had on his nose when he was born.  His little face brings a smile to mom everyday, day in and day out!

Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital Pet of the Week - CinnamonPet of the Week for March 02, 2015

Say Hi to Sweet Cinnamon

Favorite Things: Cinnamon enjoys eating cheese and hamburger flavored treats, giving kisses, napping, tearing the squeakers out of her toys, and "voicing" her opinion.  She also enjoys having hairbow removing competitions with herself.  She can now remove her hairbows in seconds!

If she had a career: If Cinnamon had a career, she would be a professional squirrel hunter.  This little girl may look like a fashionista, but she can hunt with the best of them!

Special things: She was named after a sultry, undercover agent from "Mission Impossible" 60's TV show.  Everyone loves her sweet, yet spicy personality!

DeaconPet of the Week for February 9, 2015

These two are a brother and sister team.  They are Deacon (Black Lab) and Gwen (Chocolate Lab)

Favorite Things: Deacon enjoys eating doggy cookies, going on walks, playing tug of war and insists that every chair is his, especially if someone is already sGwenitting there.  Gwen also enjoys eating doggy cookies and going for walks, but prefers to play fetch.  And rather than the chairs, she prefers mom and dad's bed.

If she had a career: If Deacon had a career, he would work closely with children.  Gwen would be a professional snuggler.  I think they would work great together!

Special things: Thier parents smile with every kiss, hug and smile Deacon gives; and with every snuggle from Gweny!

LoreleiPet of the Week for February 02, 2015

This cute little snow bunny is Lorelei

Favorite Things: Miss Lorelei enjoys eating Lean Treats, playing ball, and practicing the training exercises she learned in Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital's puppy kindergarten clases taught by Melissa

If she had a career: If Lorelei had a career, she would be a professional cleaner.

Special things: She was named after a mermaid, and occasionally looks like one when she sits.  Everyday, she makes her mom smile with her freely given affection.  She is such a doll!!

AngelPet of the Week for January 19, 2015

Say Hello to Angel

Favorite Things: She loves eating fresh apples, snuggling with mom, acting as a big guard dog and paying "come chase me" with her ducky toy

If she had a career: If Angel had a career, she would be the queen of the house, since she rules it anyway!

Special things: Miss Angel was named by her grandmother.  She is an aging girl that still just loves life and injoys having a good time.

MaplePet of the Week for January 12, 2015

This cutie pie is Maple

Favorite Things:  She enjoys chewing on mommy's feet and grabbing mommy's socks then running through the house with them.  She also enjoys harassing her wiener dog brother. 

 If she had a careerIf Maple had a career, she would be a model because she is so darn cute and pretty!  She was named after maple syrup... YUM!

Special things:  She makes her mommy smile everyday by how much she loves her new forever home, and of course, her kisses. 

RocyPet of the Week for January 5, 2015

Meet Rocky!  This handsome boy enjoys eating peanut butter, barking at the delivery guys and riding in the car.  If Rocky had a career, he would be a chef since he enjoys the finer tastes.  He is known by all his loved ones for his wonderful kisses and wagging tail.  He is a wonderful boy that will always look you in the eyes and make you feel so special.

Pet of the Week for December 22, 2014

This sweetheart is Terreto.  He enjoys eating Skittles, playing soccer and expressing himself in gassy ways.  If Toretto had a career, he would be a super model.  Everyday he wakes up his mom very early with his adorable whimper.  He is an incredibly sweet and loving son.  He brings such joy to his mommy's life!

Pet of the Week for December 8, 2014

Meet Bacardi!  He enjoys eating, kissing his mom's face and playing tag.  If Bacardi had a career, he would be a movie star.  He is such a smart, sweet boy.  He loves to give kisses to everyone and doesn't mind if he gets a treat in response.  He is truley a gentl giant.

Pet of the Week for November 24, 2014

This cutie pie is Stella.  She enjoys eating cheese, playing with her squeaky ball, and showing her brother love by nipping at him.  If Stella had a career, she would be a cook.  She has a passion for food.  Everyday when she wakes up, she greets the morning with a big stretch and drags herself on her belly.  She is so big at heart, with her wonderfully funny personality.  Everyone can't help but instantly fall in love with her.

Pika and Punisher - Pets of the week for November 10, 2014Pet of the Week for November 10, 2014

This week we decided to do another week of Double Trouble.  Meet Pika (Grey Tabby) and Punisher (Tuxedo Kitty).  Pika enjoys eating ice cubes, swallowing hair ties (DON"T TRY THIS AT HOME) and curling up on mom's neck while she reads.  Punisher enjoys eating yogurt (and wearing it) and obsessively digging in the litter box when he needs attention or is upset.  If these two had a career, Pika would be a cosmetologist so she could eat her product.  Punisher would be Pika's bodyguard.  These two are so much in love with each other.  They share drinks of water at the sink at least 8-12 times each day.  To Pika, everything is a game.  Punisher thinks that is ok just as long as he can follow along and sneak in a snuggle.

Jack and Trooper - Pets of the week for November 3, 2014Pet of the Week for November 03, 2014

This week we had a dilemma.  We didn't want to promote sibling rivalry, so we chose both brothers!  Jack (Black Lab) and Trooper (Yellow Lab) are our Pets of the week.  Trooper enjoys eating popcorn, jumping on mom to wake her up and playing fetch.  Jack enjoys eating cranberry treats, tearing toys to pieces and wrestling with his brother.  If they had a career, Trooper would be a preschool teacher and Jack would be a male nurse.  Even though they don't always get along (just like all brothers), they both strive to take care of everyone around them.  They make sure that everyone feels loved by pawing at you for attention or getting excited to see you.  These two are peas in a pod!

Cosmo - Pet of the week for October 27, 2014Pet of the Week for October 27, 2014

Cosmo is our Pet of the Week for October 27th.  He enjoys eating cheerios, sleeping under his mom's bed and playing catch that squirrel.  He isn't very good at the catching but he sure loves the chase!  If Cosmo had a career, he would be a service dog.  Everyday, Cosmo goes outside to smell the fresh air, and of course, roll around in the grass.  He is always happy to welcome everyone with his beautiful smile. 

Samson - Pet of the week for October 20, 2014Pet of the Week for October 20, 2014

This handsome boy is Samson.  He is 15 years young and such a sweetheart!  He was named after Samson from the Bible.  He enjoys eating tuna, sitting in mom's suit case while she tries to pack, playing outside and fetching fuzzy toys.  If Samson had a career, he would be a public speaker.  He is recognized most, by those who know him, for his sweet, lovable personality!  He is such a special member of our AMSH family.

Rosie - Pet of the week for October 6, 2014Pet of the Week for October 06, 2014

This sweet faced baby is Rosie.  She was named after Rosie from the TV show Will and Grace.  She enjoys chewing on her brother's feet, playing fetch, and eating everything in sight.  If Rosie had a career, she would be a politician, and quite a successful one.  she enjoys spreading her joy and, of course, her kisses to anyone she meets!!

Maggie - Pet of the week for September 29, 2014Pet of the Week for September 29, 2014

Meet Maggie!  She enjoys eating green beans, chasing squirrels, sleeping with mamma, barking, barking and more barking.  If Maggie had a career, she would be a dancer, probable contemporary.  Her joy and love for everyone is contagious!  When Maggie is around, you can't help but smile and be happy with her. 

Kimba Kitty - Pet of the week for September 22, 2014Pet of the Week for September 22, 2014

This cutie pie is Kimba the Fudgemunk.  He was named after a white tiger by his brother.  Kimba enjoys eating fish, running under your feet and waking his mommy up.  But his all time favorite thing to do is chasing the laser light.  If Kimba had a career, he would work in social services.  He makes everyone smile with his adorable "sniffing" face!

Sprocket - Pet of the Week for September 15, 2014Pet of the Week for September 15, 2014

Meet Sprocket.  She enjoys eating cottage cheese and peanut butter, playing fetch and waking her daddy up by sitting on his face.  she was named after her lovely grandma.  but beware, this girl is a pro at stealing undergarments.  If Sprocket had a career, she would be an Olympic sprinter by day and the Batgirl by night.  You will lover her spontaneous personality,  her mommy sure does!

OD - Pet of the week for September 8, 2014Pet of the Week for September 8, 2014

This tail waggin' cutie is OD.  His name is short for Outside Dog.  He spends his days digging holes, un-stuffing his toys, and eating peanut butter milk bones.  If OD had a career, he would be a school crossing guard.  He enjoys begging for attention and sharing his sweet kisses with everyone!

Carrot Cake - Pet of the week for September 1, 2014Pet of the Week of September 1, 2014

This sweetheart is Carrot Cake.  His name was inspired by the Strawberry Shortcake cartoons.  He is a very picky eater who loves to play fetch with toy mice.  He spends his days laying around and chewing on phone chargers.  Every morning, he sits outside the bathroom door chatting it up with his mommy.  If he had a career, he would work at a hotdog stand on the beach, but only seasonally and only to socialize.  Everyone loves this momma's boy and his sweet spirit.

ScoutPet of the Week for August 25, 2014

Meet Scout!  She was named after a character from "To Kill a Mockingbird".  This girl isn't ashamed to eat more than spinach on a first date.  In fact, her favorite food is food.  Her hobbies are eating, hanging out on the couch, sleeping, playing tug of war, and being spontaneous.  If Scout had a career, she would be a track runner.  But around here, she is a rock star.

Becker is our pet of the week for August 18, 2014Pet of the Week for August 18, 2014

Say Hello to Becker!  He is named after the famous tennis star Boris Becker, who was also fearless and gave 100% in everything that he did.  He enjoys eating chicken Z fillets, fetching toys (without bringing them back), and getting on top of his dad's head to wake him up.  If Becker had a career, it should be as a cruise director or promotion marketer.  Everyone loves Becker's positive attitude.  But what we love most is his unbeatable spirit.

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