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There may be a time when your pet gets sick.  This is a scary time that can be very stressful to you and your pet.  Fortunately, at Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we have the capability of getting to the bottom of the problem quickly.Dog with stethescope

Also, in our continued quest to "Keep your pet happy and healthy for a lifetime",  we have the diagnostic equipment and skills to help detect disease early so that we can stop or slow the progression of that disease before it becomes life threatening.

In House Laboratory  /  Digital X-Ray  /  Dental Digital X-Ray  /  Ultrasound  /  Electrocardiogram  /  Pulse Oximeter  /  Blood Pressure Evaluation  /  Fiber Optiscope  /  Tonopen 

In House Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art in house lab gives information quickly so that you will know results in minutes.  With this equipment, we can even perform bloodwork the same day as a surgical procedure or we can diagnose organ problems in minutes.

AMSH In house lab.JPGComplete Blood Cell Analysis - Counts red and white blood cells to screen for problems such as anemia, infection, signs of allergies, cancer.

Blood Chemistry Analysis Machine - Measures values in the blood that detects such things as liver, kidney, pancreatic and other organ problmes.

Urinalysis - This test allows us to screen for diseases such as diabetes, early kidney disease/ failure, urinary tract infection, crystals in the urine and other diseases.  This test is essential for early detection and prevention.

Digital X-Ray Machine AMSH Digital XRay.JPG

Digital X-Ray is quickly becoming the accepted standard of care.  This machine delivers the images of your pet on a computer screen instead of a film.  This allows us to zoom in on problem areas for a more thorough evaluation of your pet.  We can even put the images on a disc for you to take home.  If needed, we can digitally send these images to Board Certified specialists.

Dental Digital X-Ray Machine

Dental X-Rays are used to find out what is going on under the gumline.  If your pet has any of the following, call us to schedule a time for your pet's dental x-ray.

 Broken Tooth  Missing Teeth
 Eye Discharge  Nasal Discharge
 Crowded Teeth  Retained Teeth
 Swelling In/Around Mouth  Discolored Tooth
 Mobile or Loose Teeth  Malformed Teeth
 Sneezing  Pawing At The Mouth


Ultrasound is a great way to "see" inside your pet in a safe, non-painful way.  It is different from X-Rays in that we can see what the inside of the organs look like.  We can even evaluate the flow of the blood into and out of different organs.  This test is extremely helpful to screen for organ disease, enlarged lymph nodes, signs of cancer, urinary stones and crystals, pregnancy and heart disease.

We can even use the ultrasound for needle biopsies of problematic areas so that we may provide a diagnosis without surgical intervention.  This allows a quicker, less painful recovery.

EKG (Electrocardiogram)

The Electrocardiogram is used to diagnose and evaluate the heart for any signs of abnormal beat (arrhythmias) and chamber size abnormalites.  We can perform this test at any time.

The EKG is a crucial part of our anesthetic protocol.  We monitor your pet's heart rate and rhythm during surgical procedures to make sure that their heart rate remains in a safe zone.

We also have a team of Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist standing by to evaluate your pet's EKG through Cardiopet in New York City.  We can send the electrocardiogram through the phone and their specialists send us an interpretation and therapeutic recommendations. 

Pulse Oximeter

At Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we use a special machine to measure your pet's oxygen level in the bloodstream.  If your pet is experiencing difficulty breathing, it is important to monitor the oxygen level to make sure that there is enough life giving oxygen being sent to the brain, heart and other organs. 

We also use this machine during our surgical procedures to closely monitor your pet's oxygen level while under anesthesia. 

Blood Pressure Evaluation cat_bloodpressure.jpg

High blood pressure can be a silent killer in your pet.  It is important to monitor your pet's blood pressure with diseases such as kidney disease, adrenal disease, heart disease.  We also recommend to evaluate blood pressure in any pet over 6 years of age.

Blood pressure can change rapidly during surgery.  That is why we monitor your pet's blood pressure during anesthetic procedures.

Fiber Optiscope

This instrument allows the doctors at AMSH to directly visualize places such as body cavities, lining of the esophagus and stomach.  This diagnostic instrument is one of the many that we use to help find the problem in a manner that is as stress free and painless as possible.


The tonopen is used to measure the pressure with in the eye.  This screens for glaucoma which can be very painful.  Early detection is crucial for a positive outcome with this disease.

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