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At Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we are prepared, trained and equiped to perform a wide range of surgeries.  Our dedicated surgical suite is specifically set up with your pet in mind.  Everything from our pulse oximeter, Sevoflurane gas anesthetic and heated surgical tables are designed tPug.jpgo ensure that your pet has a safe and comfortable experience. 

PreSurgical Bloodwork  /  Anesthesia  /  Pain Control  /  Spay and Neuter  /  Orthopedics  /  Ear Crop  /  Soft Tissue Surgery  /  Declaw

Pre- Surgical Bloodwork

Before we perform any surgery, we give your pet a thorough physical examination.  But even though we look at the outside of your pet, we feel that it is crucial to know what is going on inside as well.  Our presurgical bloodwork screens for problems such as anemia, kidney and liver disease, diabetes, infection and dehydration.  These problems may be lurking undetected unless we can perform this step. 


Our goal at AMSH is to make every anesthetic and surgical procedure as safe and stress free as possible.  Because of this, we have chosen to use Sevoflurane gas for our general anesthetic procedures.  Sevoflurane may be more expensive than what others are using but it is the safest gas anesthetic available.  This anesthetic has significant advantages over others because it allows for quick induction and recovery.  We can quickly control the depth of the anesthetic and there is little to no systemic absorption which means minimal effect on internal organs. 

Patient monitoring is also something we take very seriously.  We monitor each patient carefully by measuring oxygen level, body temperature,  heart rate and rhythm and blood pressure. 

Pain Control

It is very important to us that your pet is pain free.  We feel that even though animals can't tell us what hurts, pain is as much of a reality for your pet as it is to you.  

At AMSH, we tailor a pain control plan specifically for your pet.  This plan is based on your pet's procedure, age and bloodwork. 

Spays and Neuters

Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy) is the removal of the ovaries and uterus in the female animal.  Neutering (Orchectomy) is the removal of the testicles in the male animaBulldog_puppyl.  This procedure can be done on any animal to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  In dogs and cats, there is an overpopulation problem and many are euthanized because they don't have homes.  

These procedures are actually necessary in many cases to prevent disease.  Female rabbits, for example, should be spayed since they can have life threatening endometriosis.  Dogs and cats can have uterine infections and rats have a high rate of ovarian cancer.  

These procedures are available for dogs, cats and of course, rabbits, ferrets, sugar gliders, rodents, guinea pigs, primates, reptiles, skunks, racoons, opposums and many others.

Orthopedics Xray_1.jpg

Because of our experience with orthopedic surgeries, we get referrals from all over the state and Kansas.  We routinely perform orthopedic procedures such as Intervertebral Disc compression surgery (back surgery), cruciate ligament repair, fracture repair,  patellar luxation repair,  inverted tail repair just to name a few.

Ear Cropping

We are one of the few veterinarians in the area that perform cosmetic ear cropping.  We make sure that this surgery is safe and as painless as possible for your puppy.  This procedure must be performed before two to three months of age, so please, contact us early.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions.  

Soft Tissue Surgery

There may be a time when your pet has eaten something that won't pass or has a urinary stone that needs to be removed.  We are ready to take care of anything from anal gland removal to splenectomy.

Declaw reaching_kitten.jpg

If your cat is destroying your furniture or scratching your family, we can help.  Some cats can play rough and unintentionally scratch you.  Or if your cat likes to claw the furniture or the curtains, declawing may be the only thing that will stop the destruction.  There are other temporary options such as regular nail trims and soft paws.  Ask us which one would be right for your cat.  

When we perform declaws, it is important that they be as pain free as possible.  Because we believe this, we give a pain medication before we even start the procedure.  Then we place a local anesthetic block around the nerves in the feet that will last for about 12 to 24 hours to help with pain during and right after the surgery.  We also send home pain medication and special litter.  

Let us know if you have any questions about any procedures.  Be sure to give us a call:  918-492-2674 


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